“I have generated for my clients over $2 billion with this… and it costs nothing out of pocket!” — Jay Abraham

Give Me 15 Minutes… And I’ll Show You A Risk-Free Way To Acquire A Surge Of New Buyers For FREE

WITHOUT posting on social media, running paid ads, doing content marketing, cold outreach, webinars, or even building an email list!

Sounds Like a Pipe Dream?
Not if you use a simple new risk-free strategy called...
“Leveraged Acquisition”

“I have generated for my clients over $2 billion with this… and it costs nothing out of pocket!” — Jay Abraham

Give Me 15 Minutes… And I’ll Show You A Risk-Free Way To Acquire A Surge Of New Buyers For FREE

WITHOUT posting on social media, running paid ads, doing content marketing, cold outreach, webinars, or even building an email list!

Sounds Like a Pipe Dream?

Not if you use a simple new risk-free strategy called...

“Leveraged Acquisition”

Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of inconsistent cash flow in your business, this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

In this letter, you’ll discover a unique new method on how you can “piggyback” off of someone else’s business assets…

In a way that guarantees you dozens or even hundreds of new buyers in as little as a few days at ZERO cost!

In fact, this strategy allows you to ethically “deposit” customers directly from your competitors’ audience into yours… 

…And have them thank you for it!

Now look, I know that’s a bold claim that couldn’t possibly be true…

But I’ve got something here that can really help you if you’re struggling.

Just listen to me for a minute.

I want to show you exactly how you can easily find influencers who’ve already built an engaged audience bursting with the exact same buyers you’d like to attract

And “steal” their authority to acquire a surge of new buyers for FREE…

Now, I’m not saying you should “literally” steal them…

But I’ve got some techniques that allow you to Ethically, Morally, and Legally acquire red-hot buyers from successful influencers in your exact niche for FREE!

That’s right.

You get to take full advantage of influencers in your niche who’ve already done the long and hard work FOR you…

And they’ll even thank you for it.

In fact, they’ll be delighted to send high-paying customers your way!

And the best part?

Doing This Is Super Easy, Once You Know A Couple Of Things

All you really need is to use this one simple trick I call the “Leveraged Acquisition Method”.

Using this guarantees you a surge of high-quality customers who are ready to buy…

No matter what niche you’re in… 

What product you sell… 

Or how much business experience you have!

Sounds unbelievable?

Here’s what Shannon Mackey, Founder, Hip Cat Society said about this unique new method after witnessing its full potential:

This approach shifted and skyrocket our SAAS Platform, a complete game changer. I got affiliates and partners, plus 122 specific leads. Brilliant minds surrounding me. Love it!!

And here’s what Stephen Caffery, Founder, Million Dollar Course Creator Program said:

This method made me amp up and step up to make a better life for myself and for my clients. It added six figures in the first 60 days, and almost seven figures in the first six months. Can’t wait to take this to the next level.

And another one: Daniel McCraine, Chief Growth Strategist

After applying this method I can easily see a clear path to  10X my business this year, if I put in the effort and if I do the work.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, I could go on and on about all the success stories people have sent me just in the last few months alone…

But here’s the bottom line:

I’d love for you too to discover this game-changing new method…

And how to use it in your business so you can finally say goodbye to inconsistent cash flow and feel confident in your business and your life.

But I need 15 minutes of your time to really show it to you.

And if you’re serious about changing your life and your business…

You’re gonna wanna pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you today.

Because in this letter, I’m going to take you behind the velvet rope and reveal exactly:

Of course, you can ignore this and keep doing the things you’ve been doing for now…

But why not spend 15 minutes reading this letter and see yourself?

I’m confident you’ll be blown away.

In Fact, If This Doesn’t Work For You, I’ll Actually Pay You $200 For Your Effort!

That’s how confident I am in this unique new “Leveraged Acquisition Method”.

However, before I do that, I must warn you…

You may want to jump on this NOW before one of your competitors beats you to the punch…

And takes your market by storm by implementing this powerful new strategy first!

So make sure to pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you today.

It just might turn out to be THE most profitable thing you’ve done this year.

I’ll tell you more about it in a second…

But first, let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Tom Matzen and I’m the founder of the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute.

I’m also a best-selling author, speaker, and founder of several 7 and 8-figure companies that help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams…

So they can impact more people, make more money, and enjoy life more.

In fact, you may recognize my name from several industry-leading experts like:

Rich Schefren, Owner Strategic Profits. Widely recognized as an Internet marketing pioneer and one of the world’s top experts on online business strategy.

Tom is someone I've known for quite a long time. He's been in the game of entrepreneurship for 37 years, he's had 80 plus businesses. He's made millions, he's lost millions, and he's made them again. So he really comes from the school of hard knocks, he's the real deal. He's worked with Jay Abraham and I on different activities that we had in the past. 

Cloris Kylie, Bestselling Author of Beyond Influencer Marketing

Tom is a strategic thinker and savvy entrepreneur, but also someone whose first priority is to deliver value to those around him. That's why he's able to help his clients scale their business in ways they never imagined. Because of those results, and because I truly resonate with Tom's approach and values, it's a pleasure to recommend his programs and services. 

Timothy Chin, Chief Executive Officer at Prime Marketing Services

Tom is a master teacher and mentor when it comes to teaching business leaders the art of creating joint ventures. His simple strategies work and have been proven to create multi million dollar ventures where none existed before. 

Dr. Faye Wilson, Professional Speaker & Life Coach

Tom is truly a master in Business Coaching. I have been mentored and coached by some of the best in the industry. That is why I am so good at what I do. That being said, there is no one that even comes close to Tom. He is like the godfather of Coaching and I am not ashamed to say it. I would be more ashamed to NOT say it. God bless you Tom for all you are doing to change the face of on and offline business. You bring a universal intelligence, integrity, and insight that is unmatched! Love you! 

Mark J Mueller, CEO/Founder at Profitland.Network LLC

There are people who talk about joint ventures and summits, and people who are masters in it. And Tom Matzen definitely belongs to the highest calibers in this business. His tremendous experiences, knowledge, and connections are most valuable. Why do I know it? I experienced it. And so should you.

Deb Lewis, Colonel USA Ret.,  Founder Mentally Tough Women ark J Mueller, CEO/Founder at Profitland.Network LLC

I'm a combat veteran and Harvard MBA. I'm also very grateful I met Tom. He's an open book with tons of experience and talent. Tom and his group of dedicated entrepreneurs made it clear that service and impact are at the top of their priorities, plus they guarantee results and income every step of the way. They also share what you need to succeed if you want to do it yourself.  Tom's 3-hour master class offered me the tools to take me from being the best kept secret to an in-demand authority earning income. When I first transitioned out of the military, I wish I'd met Tom and his team. I'd have saved tons of time, aggravation, and $1000s down the drain, stuck on tactics that missed the strategies to achieve desired results. If you want to build a business that helps more people with your expertise, Tom's team is an amazing investment with a triple guarantee. 

Over my 37+ year career, I’ve helped more than 10,000 entrepreneurs across four continents and dozens of industries generate over one hundred million in sales across the globe.

In fact, people hire me to build 7 and 8-figure authority businesses for them fast…

Because most are so busy wearing all their hats and doing the things they hate…

They just can’t seem to find the time or energy to do it themselves.

So I help them do what they enjoy most:

Spreading their wisdom and making an impact.

And during my 37+ year journey, you better believe that I’ve seen pretty much every single business-building tactic under the sun.

Heck, I’ve even tried them all!

I’ve built 7-figure businesses off of Facebook Ads and Google Ad Words.

I’ve done hundreds of webinars and Master Classes.

Built huge email lists.

And even created massive summits and Joint Venture partnerships.


BECAUSE I’ve seen every single business-building tactic under the sun…

I’ve Also Witnessed First-Hand How Much Most People Are Struggling Making Them Work

Especially nowadays, in 2021, when the ENTIRE world seems to be flipped on its head.

Email open rates are worse than ever (heck, you can’t even track opens properly anymore!)...

Paid ads are more expensive, inconsistent, and over-regulated than ever…

And we generally trust others less than ever because of all the hucksters out there.

The fact is, today’s business landscape is an extraordinarily cruel place!

And that’s especially true if you’re just starting out, making less than $100k/ year.


Because everyone is transitioning online…

Everyone’s fighting for the same scraps…

And the competition is fiercer than ever!

And the worst part?

The Entrepreneur Education Cabal KNOWS this. 

Facebook knows this. Google knows this.

They know exactly that no matter what happens in your business and your life…

They win.

The house ALWAYS wins.

Because no matter how well your ad campaign does, Zuck takes his share.

No matter how well you try to stand out with quality content, Google takes its share.

And no matter how hard you try to follow step-by-step directions by gurus, they still take their money up-front.

And you know what?

I’m sick and tired of it!

I’m sick and tired of seeing honest, hard-working people get screwed over by these bandits.

I’m sick and tired of 2 out of 3 entrepreneurs failing in the first six years.

And I’m sick and tired of people giving up on their dreams because they don’t have the right strategies and don’t make enough cash to survive.

This is absolutely unacceptable to me…

So that’s exactly why our mission at our Nonprofit Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is to:

Reverse The Failure Rate Of Small Businesses… And Empower Them With The Right Strategies, Frameworks, And Tools To Thrive

In fact, we’re actually so hell-bent on this…

I implement a strict result-based methodology in every single business I’m part of.

Either people get up-front results from my methods, or they don’t pay.

Simple as that.

You see, I believe that, done right, entrepreneurship is the greatest force for good on this planet…

And I feel like it’s my mission to help entrepreneurs the very same people who are making the world a better place more successful.

That’s exactly why I feel like it’s my personal mission to share the “Leveraged Acquisition Method” with as many people as possible.

Because it’s BY FAR:

…The most effective


…And if you know how to do it right the easiest way to shortcut your way to a thriving business…

Without wasting YEARS struggling with over-hyped but ineffective tactics 

(that don’t work nearly as well as some people would like you to believe!)

Why the “Leveraged Acquisition Method” is THE Superior Way to Build Your Business FAST


It’s because of something called “Upside Leverage”.

In other words, being able to capitalize on the enormous effort, investment, credibility, and trust that other companies & influencers have already achieved with the same target market you want to reach. 


If you could identify who else has insider’s access to the same buying target you want to reach…

And find the people who aren’t competitive, but who could introduce YOUR products and services to THEIR market and vice-versa…

You’d be sitting on a gold mine!

Think about it…

There are companies out there right now that have spent 10-20 years… 

Maybe millions of dollars in salary, research equipment, and personnel to build the relationship and trust that they now have with the same target audience you want. 

If you can tap into that…

And it costs you nothing but a share of the results… Meaning you pay out of the profits…

You Suddenly Have Access To Tens Or Even Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Of Past Assets…

And you could transform your business almost overnight!

In fact, that’s the exact same strategy legendary marketer Jay Abraham used to become the world’s best-known marketing expert…

And help his clients generate BILLIONS in the process.

According to Jay himself:

Jay Abraham, Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., and is recognized as one of the world’s most successful/impactful marketing strategists, business innovators, entrepreneurial advisors/mentors, and masters of revenue and performance enhancement and acceleration.

I've gotten clients to partner with 20-30 different companies. They can be influencers... They can be service providers... They can be product providers... They can be media sources… They can be ex-employees from the company or retired or changed industries... They can be bloggers, podcasters... They can be all the above.

But the key is you have enormous leverage, and it should be a powerful addition to what you do now.

I have generated for my clients over $2 billion using power partnering, strategic alliances, relational capital, and it costs nothing out of pocket.

That’s right.

Done the right way, you can use this entire strategy for FREE.

You only pay a tiny fraction of your results.

So imagine this…

You could get a million… ten million… or even a hundred million dollars worth of investment behind your success…

And you didn’t invest a penny until it paid off.

You only paid a share of the profits.

And that’s in ADDITION to what you’re doing on your own.

Your Business Could Suddenly Explode!

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today:

How to do just that quickly, painlessly, and for FREE even if you’ve never done it before!

Better yet…

You don’t need to promote this with paid ads…

You don’t need a social media following…

And you don’t even need an email list to pull this off!

All you need is the right way to identify these authorities with “Upside Leverage” potential…

And the right people to make the connection.

In fact, this is so incredibly effective…

97.2% Of Our Sales In The Last Five Years Have Come From The “Leveraged Acquisition Method”


Without this method, we’d be a struggling solopreneur operation, instead of a growing 8-figure enterprise. 

It’s our secret weapon as well.

And let me share something else with you…

During our last Strategic Alliance LIVE event last year, we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on cold traffic strategies

…Because we wanted to give it another shot…

And guess what?

93%+ of our traffic came from the “Leveraged Acquisition Method”!

So we gave Facebook Ads another honest try… but compared to this, it failed miserably.

So that’s why we use this method every day everywhere in every situation.

It just works too damn well.

In fact, here are a few tangible ways on how you can benefit from this strategy, right away:

…And more!

The best part?

There’s literally something for everyone here!

In fact, we’ve had hundreds of case studies achieving results beyond their wildest dreams just in the last few months alone!

Here’s what a handful of them have said after using the Leveraged Acquisition Method to explode their business:

Sandra Hamilton, Rapid Transformation Therapist & Motivational Speaker

I've made wonderful partnerships and I've started working with people I never thought I'd even meet or speak to. I'm coming from a place where I had a really small list, now I have Joint Venture Partners and I'm speaking on podcasts.

Steven Sashen, Co-Founder and CEO of  Xero Shoes

As a result of applying the method, the number of very high level influencers, podcaster, and smart e-commerce people, and smart PR people and smart marketing people in general I met was unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

Debbie A Anderson, Creator & Developer, Vibrational Energy

Using this method I had to work my bootie off, don't expect to sit there like a drone, that won't work. You connect,  you talk, you interact with thousands of other very giving, very open, sharing entrepreneurs from all around the globe.

Lois Koffi, Top 20 Podcast Host & Professional Speaker

I'm going to give away six figures this year to my affiliates, and potentially making a million dollars this year working with like-minded, high level people from all over the globe. I'm now thinking differently on how to run my affiliate programs.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking:

Alright, Tom… This Sounds AMAZING But Isn’t This Just Too Complicated?”

And I have to give it to you, that’s a good question.

Here’s the problem with this method.

In most cases, this is a long and tedious process.

And that’s because 95% of people simply don’t have the network, processes, and know-how to successfully pull this off.

Even worse, they often end up dumping TONS of resources into making something like this happen… but to no avail.

Which is a shame because these types of partnerships have ENORMOUS potential.

That being said…

There IS a way to shortcut the entire process and “jump ahead” of all the BS you’d have to do on your own…

So you can instantly get in the same room with these dream people.

Better yet, to join them as an equal opportunity partner… 

Without falling victim to common mistakes that could cause you to fail miserably.

Because here’s the thing…

There are 3 Key Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail with the “Leveraged Acquisition Method”

Even though it’s an incredible strategy, most entrepreneurs fail to create successful, profitable partnerships. 

Why is that?

After working with thousands of people, I’ve identified 3 key reasons:

Reason #1: They pick the wrong kind of partnerships

This is by far the most common reason why a lot of entrepreneurs don’t get anywhere.

They focus on the wrong kinds of partnerships, dealing with the wrong kinds of people.

And because of that, the partnership is doomed to fail right from the beginning.

It’s critical that you ONLY partner with people who I like to call “Dolphin Entrepreneurs”.

The term actually comes from a book called “The Strategy of a Dolphin – Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World” by Dudley Lynch.

Here’s what it’s all about…

According to the author, there are 3 types of people in the world:

  • Dolphins 
  • Sharks, and 
  • Carp

Dolphins are the team players.

For them, it’s all about the pod and their families.

And they’re constantly looking for win-win situations.

Then you have Sharks, who are all about “kill be killed”.

It’s all about THEM and how much they can take from others.

Finally, you have the Carp… 

Bottom feeders who get eaten by Shark-type people every time they talk to them.

Now, based on my experience, I’d like to add another fourth category to this mix: 

“Enlightened Sharks”

With this fourth category, It’s still all about them…

But they know that — to get what THEY want…

Your love, your money, sex, whatever…

They need to give you what YOU want first!

So they are the Tony Robbins’ of the world…

Or people like Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, or Gary Vee.

These people act like “enlightened” sharks(because they realize they have to help you get what YOU want so they can also get what THEY want)…

But their motivation is still all personal.

Look, I’ve been backstage with most of these people…

Even got to know them with their feet up in the green room or in their masterminds…

And let me tell ‘ya, their driving motivation is themselves… and NOT their clients.

So if let’s say you were to promote one of their offers to your audience…

Well… good luck expecting them to promote your stuff in exchange after that…

They’re STILL sharks!

It’s all about them.

So the lesson is this:

Don’t go into business with sharks… even if they seem enlightened… because eventually, they’ll eat you alive.

That’s what they do.

Instead, focus on partnering with Dolphins.

People who genuinely care about you and respect you.

FUN FACT: Did you know that sharks in the wild are actually afraid of dolphins?

Wanna know why?

Because if they go after a member of a dolphin pod, the rest of the pod gangs up on the shark and beats it silly until it can’t swim anymore.

And when a shark can’t swim, it dies.

That’s why I like to say…

Don’t F*** with the Dolphins!” 

So remember, always try to leverage the authority of people who are Dolphins

Because they’re all about the tribe, the pod, the game, and the journey. 

(while sharks are just looking for their next prey!)

This brings me to…

Reason #2: They fail because they don’t have the right streamlined process

This is another biggie.

Maybe not quite damaging as the first reason… but still pretty bad.

I see it ALL the time.

People just don’t know how to properly “execute” these new and exciting partnerships.

Because they don’t have a streamlined, structured process that outlines everything, step-by-step…

They’re left “winging it”… 

Which usually doesn’t go well.

For example, both partners identify how they can add value to the other’s world…

But they don’t have an effective, practical idea of how to turn ideas into cash.

I’m talking things like: 

  • How to structure the deal that’s fair to both parties…
  • Which marketing channel to use for maximum impact…
  • How long to cross-promote each other…
  • Who does what, and when…
  • How many emails to send…
  • How to properly track results…

And the list goes on and on and on.

While these things might seem superficial on the surface, they’re VERY important.

And fortunately, the solution is pretty simple.

You need to model the exact processes successful entrepreneurs who leverage this method are using.

That’s it.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here… and you don’t have to be “clever” about it.

Just copy & paste what others are doing who are a few steps ahead of you.

But how do you figure out WHO to copy (and who to ignore?)

Here’s a quick tip: 

Find a “safe space” where these types of partnerships are happening, and who are full of Dolphin entrepreneurs, and model them.

I’ll tell you more about the #1 place I go to make this happen in a minute…

But first, let’s briefly mention the 3rd big reason why entrepreneurs fail with the “Leveraged Acquisition Method”.

Reason #3: They don’t follow through and the partnership falls apart

This one’s also very common, unfortunately.

And I get it… we’re all super busy entrepreneurs trying to make it in this world…

But it just pains me to see great relationships fall apart because of this rookie mistake.

Here’s what usually happens…

Aspiring entrepreneurs find a few key partners who are Dolphins and are happy to help… 

Only for the partnership to fall apart because nobody knows how to handle it right.

That buzzing excitement you both felt at the beginning gradually turns into something that “you’ll have to follow up on soon”, without anything to show for it.

And then they ghost you.

The entire partnership becomes a chore… 

And your great relationship gradually goes bad.

It happens all the time.

And yet — as always — there IS a solution.

Ready for it?

You need accountability and the right frameworks to make sure you actually follow through.

That’s it.

Sounds simple, I know, but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs mess this up.

All you need is a low-friction support system that helps you stay on track.

And while it isn’t easy to find something like this out there… 

There are a few places where you can get this game-changing support for free.

But it’s usually pretty difficult to get in.

So That’s Why a Few Years Ago,

I Embarked on a Bold Quest

After witnessing the incredible power of these “Leveraged Acquisition” partnerships…

I wanted to understand EVERYTHING about them.

  • How they work, deep down to an almost molecular level
  • How to ensure that using them produces consistent results, every single time
  • And, of course, how to spread the word to other like-minded people in my network

So I researched everything I could…

I joined dozens of masterminds to put these principles into practice…

And I hired some of the best entrepreneurs in the world who are experts at this stuff…

(Including Jay Abraham himself!)

I quickly got to the point where I was so obsessed with this unique business-building strategy…

I knew pretty much EVERYONE in the industry.

And that’s when I realized something truly shocking…

Most of the so-called “JV partnership companies” out there have fallen under the influence of the Entrepreneur Education Cabal!

Yes, they might have started out with lofty intentions…

But by the time I got to them, they were also… “corrupted”.

I’ve seen several of these companies posing as “Dolphin” entrepreneurs…

Only to realize that they were actually hardcore Sharks! (and not even the Enlightened kind!)

They weren’t focusing on the real-life success of their participants anymore…

But instead, they were “cutting corners” and trying to get everyone and their mother to their dealmaking events.

The result?

As you might expect:

I was appalled!

This went directly against my personal mission:

To reverse the failure rate of small businesses… And empower them with the RIGHT strategies, frameworks, and tools to thrive.

So I got back to the drawing board…

And using the experience I’ve gained during my research, I created a brand-new type of dealmaking method that you’re probably familiar with at this point:

The “Leveraged Acquisition Method”.

And The First Time I Test-Drove It, The Results Were Completely INSANE!

We had 23 people at that first event…

And after just 3 hours…

Each of them walked away with more high-impact partnership deals than they’ve done in the last 7 years!

In fact, people were so blown away by this…

They INSISTED I create an entire event for this where I could impact way more people.

So I ran a live 3-day in-person event in Denver…

Then a 5-day in-person event in Scottsdale…

And I’ve been doing a version of this for SIX straight years!

And even though I LOVED these live in-person events…

The problem with them is that they’re freakin’ expensive!

Both for the organizers as well as participants.

We spent $50,000 to $75,000 just to host.

Some attendees spent five or six grand just on their hotels and meals (it was always in a very nice resort hotel 🙂 )…

And not everyone wants to travel halfway around the country (or the world!) to join a single event.

So that’s why in January of this year, we gave a virtual event a try, and let me tell you…

The results were EVEN BETTER!

People freakin’ LOVED it!

They could now profit from the “Leveraged Acquisition Method” from the comfort of their home.

And I’m so incredibly proud of that.

In fact, I now believe that…

This Is My Highest And Best Contribution As An Entrepreneur On Planet Earth!

So look…

So now, the question is this:

How can you profit from this strategy TODAY to supercharge your business FAST?

The unique new strategy that could help you:

  • Impact more people around you (and around the entire world!)
  • Make enough money so you can focus on the ONE thing you’re most passionate about
  • Feel more confident knowing full well that you have consistent, predictable cash flow
  • Win back your time so you can spend more time with your loved ones
  • Finally feel accomplished and successful deep down inside


The way I see it, at this point, you have 2 choices.

You can either:

Choice #1: Take everything you’ve learned today and implement it on your own…



Choice #2: Get my personal help to implement this swiftly, easily, and painlessly with GUARANTEED results

It’s totally fine if you’d like to go through this whole process on your own…

However, if you’re ready to dramatically accelerate your business…

I’d love to warmly invite you to our BIGGEST event of the year that’s ALL about the “Leveraged Acquisition Method”…


Strategic Alliance LIVE
December 2021

The most effective way to acquire a surge of new buyers for FREE… 

Without any organic labor, social media marketing, paid ads, or cold outreach.

Strategic Alliance LIVE is a 3-day virtual event that’s ALL about building your influence, income, and impact by meeting new “Dolphin” partners all day long for 3 days…

And “piggybacking” off of their already established authority, credibility, and assets to give you a surge of red-hot buyers in record time.

This isn’t your typical conference or summit that’s all about speakers giving you nice presentations and then pitching you their stuff…


It’s about putting you in exclusive behind-the-scenes rooms with as many Dolphin entrepreneurs as possible, whose sole purpose is to help YOU get to the next level.

Here’s How The Event Is Gonna Go Down:

Day 1 is ALL about getting you new partnerships that build your INFLUENCE

So one of the first things we’ll do is a so-called “Gap Analysis”…

Which is basically fancy talk for mapping out your current situation… and identifying your future perfect “Desired State”. 

We’re going to do several cool activities that are guaranteed to get you riled up and excited for the (very real) prospect of you 10X-ing your business.

Then, once you’re comfortable with all the exciting new opportunities that await you, we’re going to straight-up introduce you to the authority entrepreneurs who can make this happen.

We call these sessions “Dream 100 Introductions”…

And you’ll be blown away by all the quality people you’ll meet inside.

Then, after a casual lunch break, we’ll shift our focus to introducing you to LinkedIn and Facebook Syndicates.

If you’re not familiar with the concept…

This is essentially a little-known shortcut to supercharge your already-existing social media presence… 

So you can reach more qualified prospects and build your personal brand.

It’s wickedly powerful, you’ll see 😉

And finally, we’re going to pair you up with relevant influencers in your niche who are actively looking for you to share your brilliance with their audience.

This session alone is so powerful at getting you booked on high-impact podcasts and stages…

Many of your past participants have called it “the highlight of their whole week”!

Next up, Day 2. And this is all about exploding your INCOME

So we’re going to be exclusively focusing on finding you profitable new business relationships that directly grow your button line.

You’ll discover the exciting (and extremely profitable) world of Giveaways and Bundle Partnerships

Where everyone you team up with is super motivated to make each other more successful.

In fact, one of the core breakout room sessions you’ll do is called “Self Funding Your Tribe Through Summits”...

And by no accident…

These sessions have been previously responsible for 4 BILLION dollars worth of deals, partnerships, and contracts signed as Deal Sheets.

YES — you’ve read that right… 

BILLION, with a B!

If this doesn’t have the very real chance of a 10X-ing your business, I don’t know what has.

I guarantee you’ll love it… AND get this…

To make sure you get even more value out of your newly-formed relationships…

I’m going to spend the entire evening doing 1-on-1 “laser coaching” sessions in a group setting.

That way, you can get my immediate personal help to make sure you’re starting out on the right foot.

Please keep in mind that I normally charge $2,500 PER HOUR for this type of 1-on-1 coaching…

So getting my personal attention for free is extremely valuable.

And finally, Day 3 is all about making an IMPACT

Because after you build Influence and you start generating more Income…

It’s time for you to (comfortably) scale-up… so you can impact more people around you and change their lives for the better.

So during the 3rd day, you’ll participate in things like:

Structuring Master Classes and Webinars (and getting partners to support you in that)…

Overcoming Objections — how to answer your prospects objections before they come up

Strategic Philanthropy sessions so you can actually do GOOD and make money at the same time, building Raving Fans (not just happy clients)…

And advanced strategies to make the most out of this game-changing event.

Plus, you’re also going to discover the most underrated, yet most powerful marketing strategy EVER for maximizing your sales, no matter what you sell.

Sessions will run between 8 am – 5 pm Pacific Time over Zoom.

Remember, the entire event is 100% virtual this time, once again…

So you can easily join from the comfort of your home, no matter where you live.

However, there are TWO important things you need to know before you grab your ticket.

1 – This event will NOT be recorded! 


Because we want to make sure people don’t just sign up and then “forget” about the whole thing (or worse, half-ass it)

2 – You DO have to have your camera turned on in order to join.

That’s because we want everyone who shows up to be there with their full presence (not just “hanging out” in the background).

It’s only fair to the rest of the participants.

But once you join us, everything’s super easy

We set the stage… 

You participate in game-changing breakout sessions with Dolphin entrepreneurs…

And then, we do a debriefing session to give you a breather and help with the next steps.

(NEW this year: breakouts by sector, business size, and random on purpose — you’ll love it! 😀)

PLUS — during the entire event, you’ll have access to an interactive dashboard where you can connect with others from the event, get help if you need it, and… get this…

Even earn “Dolphin Dollars” that you can spend on valuable bonuses!

Pretty sweet, right?

And the best part?

Unlike many other monster events that are all about “networking”…

Strategic Alliance LIVE is PERFECT for Introverted or Non Type-A Personalities!

You know, people whose natural environment isn’t loud rooms and huge crowds.

Unlike other events, we purposefully put you in small groups at a time just like we connect in the real world.

It just feels natural.

And it’s no wonder why — once people come to our event once — they consistently rate it as THE best event they’ve ever been to.

In fact, here’s what people said about the last Strategic Alliance LIVE event in June …

But I guess the #1 reason why Strategic Alliance LIVE completely blows any other similar event out of the water is that…

Everyone Comes With The Express Purpose To Partner With You!

In other words, on this event, the DEFAULT attitude of people is “YES”

And this is a complete game-changer.

In fact, this is the thing about Strategic Alliance LIVE that stuns people the most!

Meeting scores of new, high-impact people who actually WANT to partner with you and help you grow…

..Without either party paying for it!

It’s “win-win” by default…

And it’s a total mindset shift.

As a result, you’ll land much better deals faster and easier than ever before.

Just like these fine folks:

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
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Play Video

“I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy”

NOW you too have the opportunity to meet more qualified influencers ready to help you grow in just 3 days… than most people meet in three years!

And remember, these are all people who are ready to “lend you” their authority at scale…

And who WANT to help you get to the next level.

(which, at regular events, is definitely NOT the case!)

Better yet…

The timeframe you need to get from 0 to 1 and finalize these deals is so short on Strategic Alliance LIVE

It’s like traveling forward in time 3-6 months!

Because that’s exactly how long it takes to get something going on regular events.

However, due to our strict vetting process and how the event itself is structured, the trust process at Strategic Alliance LIVE is massively accelerated.

It’s no wonder why last time we did this, we logged over $4 BILLION in strategic partnerships and deals.

This process WORKS.

People make more money, save more time, and gain freedom from worry because of it.

However, as you might imagine, due to our strict vetting process… 

Seats at Strategic Alliance LIVE are limited to make sure we only attract the best people. 

We’re still trying to reach as many people as possible with this message…

But we can’t just let anyone in, you know.

That being said, IF…

I’d Love To Warmly Invite You To Join Us At
Strategic Alliance LIVE Wed. Dec 1st – Fri. Dec. 3rd!

Now, at this point, you might be wondering…

“How much does a ticket to the Strategic Alliance LIVE event cost?”

It’s obviously an important question to ask.

But I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised!

Because if we were to charge a “fair price” for this 3-day event…

It would easily cost $25,000.00.

After all… 

I normally charge $2,500.00 PER hour for personal consulting (and even so, my availability is extremely limited!)…

Not to mention all the other hard costs of bringing together thousands of relevant influencers whose business assets you can directly profit from using the “Leveraged Acquisition” Method

Plus some of the brightest business minds out there.

However, during Strategic Alliance LIVE, you’ll get access to me, my entire team, and the relevant influencers for THREE FULL days.

Not to mention all the other sweet bonuses you’ll receive as soon as you claim your ticket.

So even if we did charge $25,000.00 to join us…

It’d still be a very smart investment for you because of the enormous upside potential of even a single deal.

However, I do realize that a price tag like that wouldn’t be fair to a lot of folks…

And we’d strip the chance from a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, influencers, business coaches, and consultants to give this a try.

So I’m NOT going to charge you $25,000.00 to join us.

(Or anywhere near that, for the matter)

Not even $2,500.00, which would already be a screaming deal.


Because I’m sick and tired of people giving up on their dreams due to making enough cash to survive…

And because our mission at the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is to reverse the failure rate of small businesses… and empower them with the right strategies, frameworks, and tools to thrive…

I want to give you the opportunity to join us for the lowest price we can get away with.


I don’t want your “budget” to stop you from attending… 

And making the connections, partnerships, and deals that can change your life forever.

So here’s the deal…

The price for a ticket to Strategic Alliance LIVE during the event is just $297.


I really want to make this a complete no-brainer for you…

So if you claim your ticket today, you can SAVE $200 and get it for just 97 bucks!

This gets you Three Full days of elite-level deal-making…

PLUS, 4 amazing BONUSES:

  • Get the templates, checklists, and tools you need to make your partnerships a success
  • Get your questions answered through our monthly coaching calls and community
  • How to create win-win strategies with your partners (and avoid biggest mistakes!)
  • Choose an accountability partner who will help you stay on track and get your goals accomplished

So, Here's What To Do Now:

Click the Big Green button below or the Reserve My Ticket Now banner above…

And then fill in your contact information and you’ll be taken to a page explaining the three different ways you can participate and how best to serve you at this event.

After that, you’ll choose which level you want…

And then you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can complete your purchase fast and hassle-free.

And once your payment clears, you’ll get immediate access to the Strategic Alliance Community Portal

Where you’ll find your bonuses and a few other cool things you’ll love.

Rember, your ticket comes with many mega-valuable bonuses… 

So you’ll find plenty of cool stuff inside 😉

Go ahead and get started right now by clicking the Big Green Button below…

So click the button below and get started today

So How’d You Like to Become Our Next Success Story?

All you have to do is click the button above and get started today.


Since this letter is almost over, I don’t want to do the whole “Red Pill vs. Blue Pill” shtick from the Matrix…

It’s way too overused at this point.

But the important thing is that right now, YOU need to decide something.

Because there’s the thing…

You can’t keep struggling forever with inconsistent cash flow without it claiming your sanity…

You can’t keep hustling like a slave laborer every single day, waiting for the big “AHA moment” without burning yourself out in the process…

And you can’t keep telling your loved ones that you just need “one more thing” before you really make it, without it poisoning your relationships…


It HAS to stop someday.

So why not make that day today?

Why not give yourself a chance and give this a shot?

What’s the worst that can happen?

You get DOUBLE your money back…

And you can go to sleep knowing that you at least gave it an honest shot.

In other words, you can’t lose!

The only way to lose is to do nothing by default, and miss out on this truly risk-free opportunity.

Remember, this is the most effective way for you to acquire a surge of new buyers for free…

Or double your money back!

You either get 10 new lucrative deals minimum during the event itself… OR you double your money. You just can’t lose.

However, you MUST act now because the clock is ticking and doors are closing soon.

It’s ALL going away soon.

And once doors close, you’ll be left out, alone to fend for yourself.

So click the button below and give yourself a chance!

You deserve it.

I’ll see you there,

~ Tom Matzen, Founder, Strategic Alliance LIVE


P.S. — If you’re serious about transforming your business, your career — or both, this 3-day event could be one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make.


This virtual Strategic Alliance LIVE event takes place between Dec 1st – 3rd, 2021.

As soon as you click the big button…

You’ll be taken to an opt in form, for your basic info, then you’ll go to a web page that explains the three ticket options with info to help you figure out which is the best way for us to serve you…

Followed by a secure checkout page where you can claim your exclusive ticket and change your life forever.

I personally guarantee that this game-changing event will empower you to:

And if you don’t get 10 new lucrative deals minimum during the event itself… you get DOUBLE your money back!

You can’t lose.

However, this is a special offer. 

We’re only opening up a limited number of spots.

And we expect them to fill VERY quickly.

So if you want in, make sure to secure your spot today, before someone else claims it.

Just click the button below:


P.P.S — Here are a few more raving testimonials from earlier events:

Play Video
Play Video
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Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
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Play Video


It’s a 3-day virtual deal-making and networking event (online).

During the event, attendees participate in deal-generating breakouts, expert councils, speed networking, and one-on-one strategic JV discussions to find and make deals that can move the needle in any size business. 

Through active deal-making and the group shares, you’ll also learn insider secrets, tactics, and strategies on finding, vetting and executing successful strategic alliances and joint venture opportunities.

Due to the sensitive nature of the deals being made, we do not record deal-making sessions.

This is why it’s critical that you attend live to get the most out of our event.  

So, unlike other events, you must be present to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to scale your business and reach your goals.


Strategic Alliance LIVE is an online virtual event you attend from the comfort of your home using any device. 

Our expert technology team has designed our virtual platform to engage attendees along with an agenda that’s empowering, deal-driven and focused on only one goal:

To make our attendees money!

How can you guarantee at least 10 deals during the event… What’s the catch?

The reason that we can GUARANTEE that you’ll come away with at least 10 ready-to-execute deals from Strategic Alliance LIVE is because we’ve done this for years and we know this is only the bare MINIMUM.

We’ve witnessed 7-figure, 8-figure and even 9-figure deals being done between attendees during and after the event. 

That’s why we can make such a BOLD guarantee where other networking events fall short on promises. 

There is NOTHING LIKE THIS out there so make sure that you don’t miss out!

It’s worth mentioning that unlike other, so-called “Networking or Deal-Making Events” that end up being more pitches and presentations, rather than actual strategic deal-making sessions…

Strategic Alliance LIVE has 100% active participant-driven deal-making and JV sessions.


In fact, that’s the best way to maximize the event. 

Although we ask that only principals, business partners, or those with the authority to do deals on the spot attend the main deal-making sessions…

We also invite JV Managers and team leaders to attend, connect and start making deals happen too. 

The more people from your team join, the better.

Click here and you’ll be taken to an opt in form, for your basic info, then you’ll go to a web page that explains the three ticket options with info to help you figure out which is the best way for us to serve you…

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